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PEEK filament is one kind of filament with good synthetic performance, heat-resisting,resisting tiredness, wear-resisting and workload.It also has excellent fire-retardant performance,self-snuff out perfomance,resisting irradiation and resisting hot oxidation performance.PEEK filament is steady to other solvents except dissolving into thick sulfuric acid and nitric acid,it will turn yellow. Generally it's used for processing high-class hair comb or industrial use,etc.

DiameterФ0.15~1.20mm or above
Cross-sectionUpon customer's request
Cut length25mm or above ±1.0mm
Standard Cut Length1200mm
Bundle DiameterФ50±2mm
Melting Point343℃
PackageWhite crepe paper,PE tube and PE wrap

Cross-section Available
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