Our company has internal test equipment that meets international testing standards and sophisticated manufacturing requirements.
We will continue to invest in chemical research and chemical testing technology so that our products will fully comply with international standards.You can always count on us for technical information and assistance.

  1. Chromatism Test——X-Rite SP62 Spectrophotometer

    U.S.A. X-Rite SP62 Spectrophotometer is the surveying instrument which according to test the characteristic which a light wave through the object reflect or transmission.The test result is showed as spectrum data for analyzing.The instrument accord with EMC89/336/EEC and LVD73/23/EEC directives. It can do the color test accurately and let the products color accord with your request.

  2. Moisture Absorption Test——Electronic Moisture Banlance MOC-120H

    Electronic Moisture Banlance MOC-120H which is made in Japan can test the product moisture absorption accurately by the test principle of the drying loss method.

  3. Bending Recovery And Stiffness Test——Bendin Resistance Tester

    The Bending Resistance Tester records the maximum bending force which occurs when the test product,with a set bending length and with a constant turning speed,is turned to a set bending angle.This Bendin Resistance Tester applies to BS3748、DIN 53 121、ISO2493、NF Q 03-048、SCANP29 and TAPPI T556 international standard. The test result can control the product quality effectively.

  4. Pull And Tensile Strength Test——Electronic Universal Testing KDIII-2

    The controller of Electronic Universal Testing KDIII-2 send out order,the instrument will force to the product,so that it can get the product's pull and tensile strength.The data is directly from instrument to computer for statistics and analysis.

  5. Bending Recovery Rate Test

    According to customer's real operating situation, we set up the Bending Recovery Rate Tester by ourself. The instrument is set to test the natural bending recovery angle of the product within 3 minutes for judging the bending recovery rate.
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